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We are a legal services firm with the vision that it’s possible to overcome any challenge through talent, creativity and experience.

We are passionate about the process of finding the right solution.

Our team

We believe in shared success. Our vision is based on the work of a united team with common goals and values.

If we don't win together, it´s not a victory.

Rafael Perea Ortega


Managing Partner. Specialized in Commercial, Digital and Compliance Law. He was part of J&A Garrigues for ten years before founding “Savia Abogados”.

David Valdés Novo


Partner in charge of the Tax Law Department. He was part of the J&A Garrigues for eleven years.

Genoveva Martín Mesa


Specialized in Tax Law. She was part of the J&A Garrigues for four years.

Carolina Sanjuán Moreno

Social Graduate

Responsible for Savia BPO. She has extensive experience in Personnel Administration and Labor Relationships.

Fermín Roncero Lima


Responsible for Savia Compliance, specializing in PBC/FT and criminal risk prevention. He was part of Santander Bank for more than eight years.

Carmen Hurtado Sarria


Responsible for the administration department of the firm. He was a member, among other law firms, of J&A Garrigues.

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Savia Alliance

Savia has a set of agreements and "best friends" alliances with different international and national firms.

This alliance allows us to provide our clients a legal coverage and knowledge of the local market in different geographical areas, facilitating the provision of legal services with guaranteed quality and legal security.

It also allows the international growth of the firms, promoting synergies and business opportunities, including foreign investment.

In this map, you will see all our international agreements.

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What we do

We work the different business law areas, highlighting our extensive experience and our creative vision.

It's necessary explore and imagine to find solutions that other people don´t see.

Learn more about our services and our perspective on the different business law areas.

Commercial / Business Law

Diligence in business decision making is becoming more and more demanding, and the legal risks in this regard have multiplied.

We advise on all aspects of corporate life since its incorporation, ensuring from the legal perspective the proper business decision making, and having experience in legal management and legal advice to corporate and internal bodies.

We have extensive experience in operations of acquisition of companies and assets in its various forms and in different sectors, as well as in legal review processes (due diligence).

We negotiate and advise in the preparation and resolution of commercial contracts, as well as with respect to shareholders agreements, providing added value derived from our experience in these processes, particularly around family businesses.

Digital Law

The growth of technology in business relationships requires increasingly specialized legal advice.

We accompany technology startups from the beginning, providing them with the specialized legal support they need.

We carry out projects to adapt to the regulations of the digital environment (protection of personal data, electronic commerce, protection of assets, cybersecurity, social networks, etc.

We have experience in advising, negotiating and preparing contracts in the technological field, and we offer a comprehensive Data Protection Officer (DPO) service.

We also advise on intellectual property, industrial property and advertising.

Tax Law

We advise on business decision making and estate planning for proper tax optimization.

We recurrently advise companies from all tax perspectives, as well as in transactions and restructuring operations.

We accompany and advise our clients in the field of tax inspections and administrative and contentious procedures.

We have experience in estate planning for large estates, including advice regarding inheritance and gift tax.

Real Estate / Urban Planning

Knowledge of the comprehensive real estate process and its implications is essential for investment and divestment decision making.

We advise our clients on the purchase, sale, participation and management of real estate projects, also urban planning law, with experience in the negotiation and preparation of the various agreements and contracts for this purpose.

Financial and Regulatory

We provide advice in the three main regulated areas of our financial system (Banking, Securities Market, and Insurance).

Our team advises on the various legal aspects of regulated entities, particularly in the financial sector, with significant experience in this area (credit institutions, investment
services companies, payment institutions, collective investment institutions, private equity, venture capital, socimis, insurance companies, insurance brokers).

We bring experience in the negotiation and preparation of corporate and project finance contracts in their various forms, as well as guarantees.


The prevention of legal risks is necessary as it has a direct connection with the responsibility of the administrators.

We advise on the development and implementation of criminal risk prevention programs, as well as on the training associated with them, and we also have experience as members of internal criminal risk prevention bodies.

We advise on compliance with the obligations regarding the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Sports Law

Understanding the functioning of sports from experience allows us to provide efficient and valuable advice.

We have experience in providing comprehensive advice to professional and amateur sports clubs.

We negotiate and advise on contracts with athletes, including image rights.

We advise on all aspects of sports compliance.

Bankruptcy Law

Insolvency situations must be prevented and adequately addressed, controlling risks and providing viable solutions.

We have experience in the negotiation and preparation of all agreements and contracts relating to corporate and debt restructuring procedures, as well as refinancing agreements in their various forms.

We advise all parties involved in pre-bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, both from a legal and tax perspective, as well as in the actions arising therefrom.

SAVIA is registered as insolvency administrator.

Civil Law

Advice in civil matters requires specialized legal knowledge and an understanding of personal and family relationships.

We advise on civil contracting (leases, loans, guarantees).

We have experience in hereditary processes, providing our support from the beginning and facilitating the process until its conclusion.

We also offer our vision and advice in other specific areas.

Savia BPO

Our in-depth knowledge of labor relationships allows us to adopt efficient solutions in personnel management.

We analyze the personnel management of companies with the aim of proposing improvements to improve efficiency, reduce costs and anticipate possible budgetary deviations.

We advise on legal and conventional aspects related to personnel administration, including its management.

We have experience in remuneration conditions and flexible remuneration solutions.

We advise on equality in the labor field.


The complexity of the market requires comprehensive advice that adds value in the analysis and execution of corporate transactions.

We advise on corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and debt restructuring.

We provide support in the interpretation of financial statements and the identification of alerts derived from them, analyzing risks, costs, and reporting systems.

We design business plans, analyze project profitability, advise on company valuations and work on business organization projects.


The esports industry requires specialized knowledge of the digital environment and the relationships between the various operators.

We have experience in providing comprehensive advice to eSports clubs.

We negotiate and advise on player and technical staff contracts, including image rights and communication channels.

We advise on sponsorship, licensing, and other contracts specific to the eSports sector.


Risk identification to improve sustainability and trust is becoming increasingly important.

We advise on the prior analysis and planning of the processes and structure of companies and their business groups to meet regulatory requirements around sustainability.

We prepare and coordinate the execution of non-financial reporting statements.

Pro bono

We share a commitment: to contribute to a positive impact on the society in which we operate and of which we are a part.

We have a programme for the provision of pro bono legal services free of charge to non-profit organizations for welfare, charitable, cultural, educational, and social purposes, and activities.

Write to us to find out more and to start working together.


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